Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Shopping Plan

Welp, I'm not saying this is going to be easy, but I've seen this done by some other bloggers (notably shoppingwithm) and decided that I should give it a try. In the Past year my spending has been kind of out of control, so, I really need to be a little more selective in what I buy in the next year. Not to mention my new budget for monthly spending. Either way, this year is definitely going to be about cutting down. Here goes nothing... 

1. Shoes: This is somewhat of a tough area for me. I absolutely LOVE shoes, however, what I can comfortably and safely wear to the hospital is very limited. I pretty much always wear my Dansko shoes to the hospital. I wouldn't mind getting another pair of those in a color like brown. Other than that, I really don't have a great need for shoes at the current time. I recently added the fabulous Jimmy Choo for Hunter Wellies (eeek!)(Got them on ebay for over half the price of the original!). Other than that I would really like a pair of the Burberry Haymarket Check Rainboots. I could also use a more casual pair of black boots to wear with jeans, so I will be on the lookout for those. Any suggestions, let me know! I also wouldn't mind adding another pair of JC Cece ballet flats to my wardrobe. I can't decide on the color yet but I really like the flame, navy and retro lemon. I got the glitter bow ones this year and they are SO comfortable. They would be great for when I am in the clinic at the hospital. Sandals will be a tough weakness for me but I really don't need any more of those! I also recently purchased a pair of the Sperry Top-siders that they have at JC right now, just in the "natural" color which is beige. We spend a decent amount of time at the boyfriend's parents boat and my cottage during the summer on free weekends, so theses will definitely come in handy to wear with dresses, shorts and skirts.

2. Jewelry: I did pretty good this past year at stocking up on some costume type jewelry in both gold and silver tones, so unless theres anything that seems like an absolute must-have, I'm good on that for now. I would like to add some fun bangles to my collection though (like the ones and both Kate Spade and JC). 

3. Bags: I actually did pretty good on bags last year. Although I probably don't NEED any new bags, I would really like a new leather tote bag to use in the professional setting. I'll be on the lookout at both Kate Spade and Burberry as these seem to be my go-to places for bags. The only other thing I could think of thats just more of a want than a need is the LV Speedy 30 in the Damier Ebony Canvas. I actually have this in the Monogram Canvas, but am really loving the check pattern of the Damier. I would also consider it in the Damier Azur Canvas. This is not a cheap purchase, so it would be saved for something like a birthday or Christmas, but its on my wishlist! I also would really like a nice smaller Burberry bag that would be good for travel. This ones higher on my list than the LV. I'm really liking the Small Nova Check Crossbody bag.

4. Sweaters:  My closet tells me that I have a lot of sweaters of all colors and styles and don't need any more, but I say one can never have too many cardigans :-) I feel like they are just such a simple piece to throw on and I wouldn't mind having one in every color possible. Some colors I'm currently missing in just a classic Jackie-style cardigan are black and grey. How can I not have these basic colors?! I wouldn't mind swooping them up in some fun spring/summer colors either though. I don't really have any specific colors in mind other than those neutrals, and maybe a neutral beige at some point as well. Other than those, I don't need any more really. When I'm at the hospital I usually have on my white coat and am too warm if I have a sweater layered under it. 

5. Skirts:  I have really grown to love skirts in the past year, more than I have in the past. I stocked up on quite a few of the flair skirts in a various assortment of colors. I could use a new black pencil skirt though. Unfortunately, I know that in the coming years these won't be as practical for work, pants are just much more comfortable sometimes, and not to mention I will probably be living in scrubs for quite some time. Therefore, I plan to maximize my use of these outside of work/school. I'm really liking the to-the-knee length, so I will probably try and stick with these if I do many any skirt purchases this year. Not to mention that length is much more appropriate and practical for working at the hospital/in clinic.

6. Button-up shirts:  I just recently started getting into these as in the past I did not wear them. I am really starting to like them paired up with a simple pencil skirt. I've gotten a few in the past year, but would like to add some more colorful ones to my wardrobe such as some gingham styles in nice spring pastel colors. 

7.  Dresses: I got a decent amount of dresses this past year, but I feel like I do wear most of them so for me its worth it. I would like to incorporate a few more dresses that can be worn to the clinic that are cute and comfortable. Some examples I've seen that I'm eyeing are the JC Emmaleigh dress in super 120's and the Marielle dress which I am loving in the byzantine blue! I am also really liking the Blouson dress in stripe. I really don't need to add too many more summer dresses right now, but this one is really cute!

8. Shorts: I'm not a huge shorts wearer. I find them to be relatively uncomfortable at times. This past year I got a few pairs of nice longer length neutral shorts, and quite honestly, I don't think I need anything else in this category. 

9. Pants: I do like to wear pants to clinic a lot. They are much easer and more comfortable at times than a skirt or dress. I only really have 2-3 pairs that I REALLY wear though. As much as I wear these suckers, I could use another pair or two. On the list is another pair of black nice dress pants, and a pair of nice khaki dress pants. Other than for clinic, I don't really need any more pants.

10. Jeans: I do love to wear my jeans, and they get a lot of use in the winter time when I'm not at the hospital. Fortunately, I have plenty of jeans for all occasions. I have my normal bootcuts, skinnies, and jeggings (my newly rediscovered favorites!). I really don't need any more of these. 

11. Tees and tanks: In the last year I acquired quite a few striped tees and tanks, so no more stripes necessary!! To be honest, in general I don't think I really need any more tees or tanks, unless they are of a nice silky material and good for clinic. I'm sure this will be a tough one for me, as I do seem to have a problem with stripes, but really, how many stripes do I need? 

12. Coats: Huge huge weakness. I got at least 3 new coats this year. I have all the basic styles and neutral colors. If there's one thing thats missing, its a nice bright color, although I did acquire the Lady day in red. I am REALLY going to try hard not to get ANY coats this year (are you laughing yet cuz I am...) however, if I do get one, it has to be a nice brightly colored one. I'm thinking along the lines of either yellow or green. Thats it. 

13. Blazers: I have just started wearing these, and got some great ones this past year like the factory version of JC's Prince of Wales blazer. For this area, I need to stick with classic pieces that will stand the test of time, as I just don't wear them all that often. Thats my rule for this year. Unless its a classic style, its a no. The only ones on my list for this area are the JC Schoolboy blazer in navy, and possibly the Hacking jacket either in the herringbone(I like both the grape and the grass colors) or something like the tipped double-serge wool.

14. Workout attire:  In the past year or so, I seem to have come down with the lululemon bug... super cute stuff but not exactly budget friendly. I just got a bunch of black pants and some tops for working out, so the only things that I will allow myself to buy from lulu is maybe another top or too, as long as it doesn't fit into my currently purple lulu color story. No more purple lulu! I could also use a new yoga mat at some point as well.  

Welp, I think thats about it... Most important thing is to stick to my average monthly budget. Also, I still need to empty out my closet a bit more. I'm going to try an at least pack away things I haven't worn in over a year, and, for each new item I add to my closet, I have to take at least one thing away. That is tough! I'm really going to try to stick to these things I mentioned above which I've found to be gaps in my current wardrobe. Its going to be a long year guys, hopefully, I can pull this one off!

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Beginnings.

Hope everyone is doing well and had a great Holiday season! I am getting back into the swing of things after a nice 2 week vacation. I haven't done much the last week besides lounging around, so today was a bit of an adjustment, but I think it will be good to get back into the swing of things.

Today starts 6 weeks of OB/GYN. This is going to be a huge time period for me, as I am at this point trying to decide between this and surgery as my career, so wish me luck! I think it could be challenging at the end of these next 6 weeks to make the decision between the two. OB/GYN has a surgical aspect to it as well, but I'm not sure if it will be enough. Either way, I look forward to what the next 6 weeks hold, and my main goal is to deliver a baby :-)

Moving on to my OOTD. We just had orientation today, but it was still "business attire." I wore my new JC Natasha top in wildcat with a long cardigan in bright dahlia. I love the bright color with the neutral top. I was originally going to wear it with just a plain white cardi, but then I thought, how boring! So I added a bit of color :-) I love this top. I got it over my break. The print on it it so cute!

Next up, a review of this GREAT sweater I recently found at nordstrom. Its the Bobeau Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan. I got this in a size small in the vanilla puff and I absolutely love it! The inside is so soft and feels great up against the skin. It has a single button closure with this adorable wooden button. This sweater is a little different from my usual but I love it. It comes in a bunch of colors, and I've been VERY tempted to grab the black and mink colors as well (yea I know, more boring, lol) The best part, its only $39.90 Currently. Personally, I think for the price, its pretty good quality. It seems like it will wear well, and not need to be thrown in the trash after just a few washes. The arms are kind of slim fitting. They were fitted but comfortable still on me in the size small. The medium worked, but I thought there was too much fabric in the rest of it when I sized up. So if you want the arms a little looser fitting, you might want to try going up a size. You should definitely give it a try!! I paired it with my JC leggy denim jeans from last year. I must say, I kind of forgot about these pants and how ridiculously comfortable they are! If you don't have some I highly suggest trying to get your hands on them because they are by far the most comfortable pants I own!

So this year, I'm going to try and post more. My goal is for once a week. We will see how that goes, but hopefully I can keep that goal!

Also, Shoppingwithm had a GREAT idea on her blog here of doing a little post with some guidelines/plans for buying in the next year. She did this last year and re-evaluated those plans in her post today. This seemed like a great idea to me, and this year I realized (well maybe I already knew) that I have a huge shopping problem. So keep on the look out for another post in the not too distant future with my plans for shopping in 2012! Thanks M for the great idea!

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer

Sunday, January 1, 2012