Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hey Everyone,

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I will be gone all week, not that I've been posting much lately anyways with being busy studying for boards. It will be nice to have a break for a week from studying, I think I've deserved it, I've worked hard these past few weeks :-) Most people wait until after they take them to go on vacation, but I personally function better when I can take a little break in between some stuff. It breaks it up a bit, which for me works. Anyways, I made a bunch of polyvores of the outfits I plan to wear, I'll post some pictures afterwards of the real life shots! I'm so excited to be able to wear skirts and dresses! Even though its been nicer here lately, its still not quite nice enough to wear the summery clothes.

Heres a few of my favorite outfits I made:

Hope you have a great week! I know I will :-) And for all the moms, happy mothers day tomorrow!!

XOXO Jennifer