Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cowlneck poncho, and some other stuff...

Hey everyone,

So after seeing it on shoppingwithm here, I decided I simply must go try on the Cowlneck poncho. I was a little undecided about this one when it first came out. At first I liked it, then I saw it in the store and wasn't sure if I really loved the fabric, then I tried it on and I am completely in love :-) I don't know what I was thinking when I was at the store last weekend and decided not to try it on, potentially a moment of insanity, but none the less, I'm SO glad I decided to go back today and give it a try. It is definitely a piece that I can already tell will be one of my favorites this fall (when I'm not wearing hospital scrubs..). I ended up getting the S. I could have quite easily sized down to the XS, but quite honestly, I loved the baggy way the S fit, so I ended up sticking with it. It is not itchy at all, which I know was a concern. The inside is lined, up into the sleeves with a satiny material. I love the herringbone patter as well. I honestly don't think I have one bad thing to say about this poncho! If you want a baggier fit like I have on below, then get your usual size in jcrew stuff, maybe even a size down. If you want it a little less baggy, I recommend sizing down at least 1 if not 2 sizes from your usual size. This is the one issue that some have mentioned, being that there will definitely be a decent amount of people that will be sized out. I already have a trip planned to the cider mill and to a nearby little town with my parents next weekend, and I am planning on wearing this poncho.

I tried it on at the store with the boatneck painters tee in stripe in the navy color. I went with a medium in this shirt. I thought it ran a little small for how j.crews sizing has been going lately, but is pretty par with how it was maybe 2 years ago or so. I used to wear a M in j.crew, but lately, I find myself going for the S more and more because the sizing has changed so much.

Fall Essentials

Next I decided to try on the Boy shirt in stripe de chine that a lot of people were talking about as well. I tried on the 6, my usual size, and thought I could have sized down to a 4. I thought this shirt was quite lovely. The fabric was so soft and silky. I have SO many striped things right now, but I think this would still be a great addition to the mix. This one will definitely be going on my wishlist.

Finally, I saw the Origami mini in Houndsooth. I thought it looked really cute, and the fabric actually looked a lot like the Prince of Wales, but after looking, I didn't realize how similar the two actually are. I thought the fabric was cute, I'm loving the plaids this year. The shape on this one was just okay. I thought it ran a little small. I usually take a 6 in j.crew skirts, but this one was an 8. Its also pretty short, even though you can't quite tell from the first picture. Don't mind my awkward sweater on top :-) Overall its a cute skirt, but not something I could wear to the hospital (one of my criteria for some of my clothes right now), so it was a pass for me.

After stopping j.crew, I got a little caught up in my Pottery Barn store :-) I had been looking at the website last night looking for things to decorate my apartment with for the fall, so I decided to stop in while I was already at the mall. I am literally just in heaven when I walk into that store. It is COMPLETELY my design style, and I love just about everything they have in there. Eventually one day when I have a house and have money, I plan to fully decorate my house in PB. 

So I ended up picking up a few things while I was there to decorate my table. I'm pretty please with the way it turned out :-) My boring table is no more.

Pottery Barn Halloween

So tomorrow I start my surgery rotation. Its just orientation tomorrow, and then Tuesday I jump right into it. I have call every 3rd day (or q3 as its called in the medical world) which means I will work for 27 hours straight on those days, from 5:30am until 9:00am the next morning. Its going to be a VERY tiring month. At least I get the day off that I come home at 9:00am. It will most likely be filled with plenty of sleep. I'm definitely looking forward to this rotation. I think it will be exhausting but fun and exciting as well. That being said, as I mentioned a few days ago, I might not be posting as much, at least in terms of clothing and such. I will probably pop in from time to time to update how things are going as a mini surgeon :-) I really like scrubs, they are so comfy, but my closet is definitely going to be missing me!!

Have a great night!!

XOXO Jennifer

Friday, September 16, 2011

Girls night out

Hey everyone,

So I'm quite happy today. My first rotation of medically is officially over :-) I had internal medicine and while I did enjoy it for the most part, I am definitely looking forward to moving on to something new. The next three months are going to be crazy, and I'm hoping to still find some time to post. I'm moving onto my surgery rotation, and every 3rd day for the next month (starting tuesday) I work a 27 hour shift. Yikes. So needless to say, much of my spare time will be spent catching up on sleep. And, my OOTD for the greater part of the next 3 months will consist of scrubs, so nothing too exciting, lol.

So to celebrate, my friends and I went out to dinner tonight. I tried salmon for the first time, and it was SO good! It was grilled and there was like a lemon butter sauce on the side that was amazing as well. I like being able to go out to dinner with my friends, as it gives me the chance to wear normal clothes, and have a little fun with my clothes. So for tonight, I wore my brand new prince of wales blazer that I blogged about previously in this post. I absolutely love this blazer. It is just so perfect. I decided to pair it with a simple white top, and went with the sequin-tiered ruffle tissue tank. I loved the way the little ruffle along the bottom pokes out under the blazer. And these shoes are one of my most recent purchases on ebay! They are the ever popular patent leather mary janes. These ones are a dark rust colored red. They are quite a bit lighter than they appear in this picture. They actually almost look black which is not the case at all! I love the color, and the shoes themselves! The only downfall is the height on that heel. It basically limits my ability to wear them to days when I'll be sitting 99% of the day. I do plan on getting some of those Dr. Sholls inserts to try. Hopefully they at least add a little comfort. The things we do for fashion... lol. So heres the IRL:

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OOTD 9.13.11

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post today for an OOTD. Took my new Gingham Delany dress for a spin, and I loved it :-) Its very comfortable. My only complaint, is that sometimes when I would sit, I would have to remain very conscious of the dress showing too much of my legs. I really hate when dresses seem to be a good length when you're standing, but then when you sit, they creep up. This seems to happen more with fabrics that don't stretch, which of course this is. I also tried out my new Ann Taylor LOFT Flannel Ballet Flats, which were an attempt at a replacement for the Tory Burch Ambrose Cap Toe Flannel Flat. I must say that these shoes are a great alternative. They are quite comfortable, although there was some rubbing on the back of my heel at first. I would still love to get my hands on those Tory Burch ones though!

Have a great day! 

XOXO Jennifer

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering September 11

Hey everyone,

On this 10th Anniversary of the tragedy that was September 11th, I wish simply to dedicate this post to all those who were lost, as well as the families and friends of the victims. We must also not forget the firefighters who selflessly walked into harms way to save others, even though they knew they might not make it out alive themselves. It gives me great pride to know there are people like this in America that are willing to risk their own lives to save a complete stranger's. It is a day that I think nobody will every forget, one that will live in our hearts together.  It has truly changed each and every one of us. Please take a few moments today to remember these heroes, as well as the heroes that are still overseas fighting for us.

May everyone stay safe today

XOXO Jennifer

Saturday, September 10, 2011

JCrew Reviews!

Hey everyone,

I was in need of some retail therapy today, and also needed to go return some stuff, so while I was there, I decided to try out some things. Before I went to the crew I had to return some boots to the Loft. They were the Brittany Buckle tall boots, and I first saw them when shoppingwithm had used them in a few sets on polyvore. I decided to give these a try with a promotion that was going on a week or so ago, and was really excited to get them. I took them out of the box, and I still loved them at this point. Then I tried to put them on. This is where my love for these boots stopped. They zip up along the inside, and I tried to zip them up only to find that they wouldn't zip. I was a little shocked. I never considered myself to have large or even remotely large calfs. According to these boots I was wrong. So that being said, I would definitely say only give these boots a try if you have slender calfs. Otherwise, these will probably have to be a pass, which is quite unfortunate since they are really cute!

So that aside, I moved onto J.Crew. Here are some shots of the stuff I tried on:

Gingham Wool Delany Dress - I was unable to find this one anywhere online, so I am not sure if its new or what? Anyways, I loved this dress. I thought it was so cute. Its a nice thick wool fabric, and has a classic little navy/grey/brown gingham. So cute. I thought it fit well, TTS. This is a size 6, which is my typical size in J.Crew. I thought the length on this one is good, not too short for me. There is even some stitching detail on the chest, and a black/navy (I couldnt tell) strip of fabric along the neckline, which I thought gave it a nice touch. I took this one home with me :-)

Maisie dress in abstract floral - I've seen a few others try this one on, and wanted to give it a try for myself. I love this print, its beautiful, and the color is one of my favorites for this fall. This dress however, did nothing for me. While it wasn't horrible, it was nothing special either. I didn't love the fullness of the sleeves. It definitely has a peasant-style feel to it, which I kind of think was the intention, however, it was not for me. 

Cafe capri in houndsooth wool - These have gotten a lot of talk around blogworld, so I decided to try them on. I recently got the Schoolboy blazer in the Prince of wales pattern, and its fairly similar, so I am all about the plaid this fall. I really did like these pants. They are not so much capris on me, they hit right about at my ankle. I wouldn't mind that so much. I thought they were very well made, very cozy, and I really thought about them, however, I was not sure I would be able to pull these off without looking a little frumpy, so I decided to pass on these.

Hokaido check perfect shirt - this one does not appear to be online currently either. I loved this shirt, a lot. There really isn't much to say about this shirt, if fit perfectly, and the colors in it were gorgeous. Definitely brought it home with me.
Flair skirt - another one that has gotten lots of hype on blogworld that I just had to try. I loved the lines of this skirt. I thought the A-line shape was absolutely glorious, and I loved the pleated details in the front. Again, like the dorrie this past summer, the only way to get this on is to unbutton a few of the buttons in the front, which annoys me a tad, but not nearly enough to pass on this skirt. Its a nice thick fabric, basically same to this year's no. 2 pencil in wool in the heather acorn color, which I love as well. Its the same nice thick wool fabric and same color as well. Love :-)

So this next outfit was actually another outfit that was inspired by a mannequin at my local store, another thing that goes to show that good mannequin styling sells clothes!
Eden cardigan - So everyone loves bright dahlia. How could I possibly pass up yet another item in this color?? Of course I couldnt. Long cardigans are a staple for me, glad to have yet another added to the closet.
City Mini - I thought this skirt was very cute. Its very much like the bell skirts J.Crew was offering last year, both in shape and make. I loved those skirts so naturally I liked this one a lot as well. It is a little on the short side like usual for these skirts. This is a 6, and I might consider sizing up to an 8 for maybe a tad more length. I didn't try it today. I didn't end up going home with this one. I'm trying to stick to things I can wear to the hospital for "work" and this skirt just didn't quite fit the bill unfortunately. Maybe that rewards card will go towards this... hmmmmm
Skinny patent belt - in none other than... dahlia :-) Of course once again, I couldnt pass it up :-) Its a beautifully colored belt, I would definitely recommend it!

Silk scarf tank in floating rose - I thought the pattern on this top was beautiful, and I love the bright color.  It cinches in at the waist a bit, although not very strongly, and the fabric on the bottom is a little more gathered and flowy. The only thing I was a little unsure of with this top was the build in scarf. I just couldn't figure out how to tie it. I didn't try the look on the website photo, and this may work. I didn't hate it just loosely tied and hanging how I have it in the picture here. The fabric is quite lovely and silky. This too might be another one I save to put that rewards card to.

And last but not least, an OOTD. I took my Maritime dress in navy out for a spin, along with my new Flannel ballet flats. I don't remember who initially recommended these shoes as an alternative to the Tory Burch Ambrose Cap toe flannel flat that I completely love. There's a HUGE price difference, and for now, the pair from the loft are perfect, and will tide me over, although I'm not saying I won't give in and get these tory's at some point.

Have a great evening!

XOXO Jennifer

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Procrastination at its finest...

So, I should probably be studying :-) but... I decided to take a little time out today to share some outfits. But before I do that, I would like to share some stuff I found at the crewlet yesterday :-)

First off, its the factory version of the Schoolboy blazer in Prince of Wales. I think I squealed with glee a little when I saw this one. I fell in love with the retail version when I first saw it, but not only was it sold out in my size, but I couldn't fathom spending $325 for it... So I was thrilled to find out it was also made in a factory edition. I couldnt find that online either, so I kind of gave up. Well to my delight I guess this jacket and me were meant to be, because it was at my local factory store, and now its mine :-) for the bargain price of $131 after discounts (from $188). I don't have the retail version to compare it to, but I think it is made quite well. The fabric is fairly thin, but I am actually okay with that because I get a little warm sometimes. I thought it was very well made, and I am not disappointed at all in the quality of this jacket. The pattern appears ever so slightly different from the retail version, but the overall look is the same, which is all I wanted. I love the detailed little gold buttons with the decoration on them, they are light, but they don't seem too cheap IMO. I'm in love :-)

I got a few other things there as well. First is the Lace love tank (thanks lisabfashion on polyvore!). This just goes to show you that when they dress the mannequins well, it sells clothes. They had the above outfit paired with jeans on one of them, hence why I came home with the tank and necklace. The tank is really cute. It kind of has a silky feel to it, seems to be made pretty well. I like it :-)

I also picked up some new jewelry. My already full rather large jewelry box is now exploding. I thought the thing had plenty of room, but i guess not! I picked up the factory pearl fireball necklace in sea mist, the tortoise and cylinder fireball necklace (now sold out online), and then this cute chain resin necklace that I'm not sure what its called exactly and can't find it online.

So here is an IRL of the outfit I put together off the mannequin

And heres a few more outfits I decided to try on today. 

The first one contains the cashmere henley, the perfect shirt in classic stripe, signature j.crew leggings, and my brand new Frye Melissa button boots. The boots are great. I ended up going with the cognac instead of the light brown. I have another pair of boots that was more along the light brown color, so I went with the cognac. I'm still wondering if I had them both which ones I would choose, but I am very happy with the ones I got :-)

 Next I tried out one of the outfits I created with the water's edge maxi from anthropologie. I first tried it on with the leggings I had on above then with the skirt. This skirt is so cozy. And while I don't think it looks amazing on my frame, I still see myself wearing it :-)

 And Finally is my new Lady Day coat paired with the perfect shirt in leopard :-) I must say that I love both of these pieces. The coat is a tad snug, but I figure it will be more of a piece I'll wear in the fall (maybe at christmas) just to add a nice pop of color :-)

And last but not least, my OOTD today :-) I'm trying my best to wear the great bold colors that are everywhere this fall. Today I wore the Blythe blouse, and the No. 2 pencil skirt in htr acorn. Normally if I was wearing this around I probably would not have paired it with the flats, but, I am walking around a hospital all day, so comfort always wins out :-)

OOTD 9/6/11

Have a great evening! 

XOXO Jennifer

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey everyone!

I know I've been kind of MIA lately. School has been keeping me pretty busy. I'm doing inpatient Internal medicine right now, and I usually have to be there at 6:30 AM, so by the time I get out by 5 I am usually pretty tired, but I still have to get some studying done so unfortunately there hasn't been too much time for blogging!

That does not however mean that I haven't been shopping, or at least looking :-) Here are some items I recently ordered and am looking forward to getting.

Edie purse - I FINALLY went for this purse, which I have been pining over for quite some time now. My closet is severely lacking a bright colored purse, and I think this one will do just the trick :-) Very excited about this one.

Printed iphone cover - It was a VERY tough decision as to which one to get. The "jade" is basically the print of the silk casbah shirt, which I absolutely love, but in the end I decided to go with the leopard :-) My current case (Kate Spade) has kind of turquoisey tones, so I decided to get the leopard. I think my phone will thank me. Although I am quite attached to my current case. It will be nice to have some options.

Ribbed tights - I got these in heather acorn. I have plenty of black, brown, purple, and other dark shades of tights. What I did not have was a lighter pair, so I'm looking forward to being able to wear these as well. 

Urbanite shift dress - My interest was first sparked in this dress from this set created by shoppingwithm on polyvore. I love it in the orange color she features, but unfortunately, its no longer available online. It is however still available in muslin and spiced olive. I went with the spiced olive. I can see this being a great transitional piece that can be work layered with tights and boots into the fall.

Crystal-link cuff - another versatile piece to add to the jewelry collection. One or two of those lulu frost bracelets might have to be making its way into that collection real soon :-)

Shawl-collar poncho sweatshirt - So originally I was interested in the cowlneck poncho, but I decided to give this one a try first, and bonus, its on final sale for $49.99! I love the look of this outfit, and am very excited to give it a try! I still might try the other one at some point as it seems to be much more of an outerwear piece than this sweater poncho. 

Also, here's a few outfits I created on polyvore :-) I've always been a fan of Gossip girl, and have always thought that if I could, I would absolutely LOVE to dress like Blair Waldorf on a daily basis, so two of these are inspired by her :-)

For this first outfit, I LOVE this cape coat, and I was actually able to find someone that is selling it/a recreation on ebay. It's not horribly expensive (about $75 with shipping), and there were some feedback from people that had purchased it, so I decided why not. I'll post some pictures when I get it :-) Now I just need some great yellow shoes and a great yellow bag to complete this look.
Blair Waldorf Inspiration

More Blair Waldorf inspiration

Shawl-collar poncho recreation

Also, I am being featured as a guest blog today on Gigi's blog, so be sure to head over there and check out my post about 5 fabulous things I'm looking forward to wearing this fall :-) It was the first time I've written a post like this, and I had a lot of fun with it! Hopefully mommy and baby are doing well, as I know we all cannot wait to hear all about her! She will definitely be brought up with great style :-)


XOXO Jennifer