Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Procrastination at its finest...

So, I should probably be studying :-) but... I decided to take a little time out today to share some outfits. But before I do that, I would like to share some stuff I found at the crewlet yesterday :-)

First off, its the factory version of the Schoolboy blazer in Prince of Wales. I think I squealed with glee a little when I saw this one. I fell in love with the retail version when I first saw it, but not only was it sold out in my size, but I couldn't fathom spending $325 for it... So I was thrilled to find out it was also made in a factory edition. I couldnt find that online either, so I kind of gave up. Well to my delight I guess this jacket and me were meant to be, because it was at my local factory store, and now its mine :-) for the bargain price of $131 after discounts (from $188). I don't have the retail version to compare it to, but I think it is made quite well. The fabric is fairly thin, but I am actually okay with that because I get a little warm sometimes. I thought it was very well made, and I am not disappointed at all in the quality of this jacket. The pattern appears ever so slightly different from the retail version, but the overall look is the same, which is all I wanted. I love the detailed little gold buttons with the decoration on them, they are light, but they don't seem too cheap IMO. I'm in love :-)

I got a few other things there as well. First is the Lace love tank (thanks lisabfashion on polyvore!). This just goes to show you that when they dress the mannequins well, it sells clothes. They had the above outfit paired with jeans on one of them, hence why I came home with the tank and necklace. The tank is really cute. It kind of has a silky feel to it, seems to be made pretty well. I like it :-)

I also picked up some new jewelry. My already full rather large jewelry box is now exploding. I thought the thing had plenty of room, but i guess not! I picked up the factory pearl fireball necklace in sea mist, the tortoise and cylinder fireball necklace (now sold out online), and then this cute chain resin necklace that I'm not sure what its called exactly and can't find it online.

So here is an IRL of the outfit I put together off the mannequin

And heres a few more outfits I decided to try on today. 

The first one contains the cashmere henley, the perfect shirt in classic stripe, signature j.crew leggings, and my brand new Frye Melissa button boots. The boots are great. I ended up going with the cognac instead of the light brown. I have another pair of boots that was more along the light brown color, so I went with the cognac. I'm still wondering if I had them both which ones I would choose, but I am very happy with the ones I got :-)

 Next I tried out one of the outfits I created with the water's edge maxi from anthropologie. I first tried it on with the leggings I had on above then with the skirt. This skirt is so cozy. And while I don't think it looks amazing on my frame, I still see myself wearing it :-)

 And Finally is my new Lady Day coat paired with the perfect shirt in leopard :-) I must say that I love both of these pieces. The coat is a tad snug, but I figure it will be more of a piece I'll wear in the fall (maybe at christmas) just to add a nice pop of color :-)

And last but not least, my OOTD today :-) I'm trying my best to wear the great bold colors that are everywhere this fall. Today I wore the Blythe blouse, and the No. 2 pencil skirt in htr acorn. Normally if I was wearing this around I probably would not have paired it with the flats, but, I am walking around a hospital all day, so comfort always wins out :-)

OOTD 9/6/11

Have a great evening! 

XOXO Jennifer


  1. I have been contemplating picking up the factory prince of wales. I got the professor jacket in black with white trim, but I think I need this one too! :o) You're going to love the tortoise/fireball necklace...I wear mine all of the time. Thanks for the reviews and the irl pics...it all looks great on you!

  2. My heater acorn skirt should arrive on Monday - good to see it with tights, that's how I'll have to wear it. I love the red coat, I promised myself a red coat this winter but just can't afford it as I need to stock up in "day clothes" first.

  3. Love all of your new things and your outfits! Thanks for all of the pics. It's always great to hear of factory items that work out so well!

  4. I LOVE the legging looks a lot! What legging are you wearing?!
    Also the animal print shirt with the Lady Day coat (I have the same color Lady coat-Factory version) is beautiful, this shirt didn't work for me :-(
    Also this color of the Blythe blouse is my favorite, lovely combination!

  5. My4boys - thanks! and you should DEFINITELY go for the Prince of Wales
    :-) Its such a great pattern and a classic jacket that will last forever!

    Bourbon&pearls - I work in a hospital so I really have to wear tights/nylons of some type for professionalism and sanitary reasons, but I love tights, so I really don't mind. And yes, a red coat was on my list this year too. Try ebay :-)

    Suzy - thanks!

    Chrisine - Thanks!

    Andrea - Thanks :-) I think that was one of my favorites of the bunch as well. Its very cozy. They are the J.Crew classic leggings. They are great! I highly recommend them if you need a pair! Sorry to hear the leopard shirt didn't work for you! Its definitely a little out of my comfort zone, as was that color of the Blythe blouse, but I've decided that its my goal this fall to have fun with my clothes and go outside of my comfort zone a bit :-)

  6. I'm so glad you got the blazer and really appreciate the review! I think this is a definite must have for me this fall after seeing yours...so cute! :)