Saturday, September 10, 2011

JCrew Reviews!

Hey everyone,

I was in need of some retail therapy today, and also needed to go return some stuff, so while I was there, I decided to try out some things. Before I went to the crew I had to return some boots to the Loft. They were the Brittany Buckle tall boots, and I first saw them when shoppingwithm had used them in a few sets on polyvore. I decided to give these a try with a promotion that was going on a week or so ago, and was really excited to get them. I took them out of the box, and I still loved them at this point. Then I tried to put them on. This is where my love for these boots stopped. They zip up along the inside, and I tried to zip them up only to find that they wouldn't zip. I was a little shocked. I never considered myself to have large or even remotely large calfs. According to these boots I was wrong. So that being said, I would definitely say only give these boots a try if you have slender calfs. Otherwise, these will probably have to be a pass, which is quite unfortunate since they are really cute!

So that aside, I moved onto J.Crew. Here are some shots of the stuff I tried on:

Gingham Wool Delany Dress - I was unable to find this one anywhere online, so I am not sure if its new or what? Anyways, I loved this dress. I thought it was so cute. Its a nice thick wool fabric, and has a classic little navy/grey/brown gingham. So cute. I thought it fit well, TTS. This is a size 6, which is my typical size in J.Crew. I thought the length on this one is good, not too short for me. There is even some stitching detail on the chest, and a black/navy (I couldnt tell) strip of fabric along the neckline, which I thought gave it a nice touch. I took this one home with me :-)

Maisie dress in abstract floral - I've seen a few others try this one on, and wanted to give it a try for myself. I love this print, its beautiful, and the color is one of my favorites for this fall. This dress however, did nothing for me. While it wasn't horrible, it was nothing special either. I didn't love the fullness of the sleeves. It definitely has a peasant-style feel to it, which I kind of think was the intention, however, it was not for me. 

Cafe capri in houndsooth wool - These have gotten a lot of talk around blogworld, so I decided to try them on. I recently got the Schoolboy blazer in the Prince of wales pattern, and its fairly similar, so I am all about the plaid this fall. I really did like these pants. They are not so much capris on me, they hit right about at my ankle. I wouldn't mind that so much. I thought they were very well made, very cozy, and I really thought about them, however, I was not sure I would be able to pull these off without looking a little frumpy, so I decided to pass on these.

Hokaido check perfect shirt - this one does not appear to be online currently either. I loved this shirt, a lot. There really isn't much to say about this shirt, if fit perfectly, and the colors in it were gorgeous. Definitely brought it home with me.
Flair skirt - another one that has gotten lots of hype on blogworld that I just had to try. I loved the lines of this skirt. I thought the A-line shape was absolutely glorious, and I loved the pleated details in the front. Again, like the dorrie this past summer, the only way to get this on is to unbutton a few of the buttons in the front, which annoys me a tad, but not nearly enough to pass on this skirt. Its a nice thick fabric, basically same to this year's no. 2 pencil in wool in the heather acorn color, which I love as well. Its the same nice thick wool fabric and same color as well. Love :-)

So this next outfit was actually another outfit that was inspired by a mannequin at my local store, another thing that goes to show that good mannequin styling sells clothes!
Eden cardigan - So everyone loves bright dahlia. How could I possibly pass up yet another item in this color?? Of course I couldnt. Long cardigans are a staple for me, glad to have yet another added to the closet.
City Mini - I thought this skirt was very cute. Its very much like the bell skirts J.Crew was offering last year, both in shape and make. I loved those skirts so naturally I liked this one a lot as well. It is a little on the short side like usual for these skirts. This is a 6, and I might consider sizing up to an 8 for maybe a tad more length. I didn't try it today. I didn't end up going home with this one. I'm trying to stick to things I can wear to the hospital for "work" and this skirt just didn't quite fit the bill unfortunately. Maybe that rewards card will go towards this... hmmmmm
Skinny patent belt - in none other than... dahlia :-) Of course once again, I couldnt pass it up :-) Its a beautifully colored belt, I would definitely recommend it!

Silk scarf tank in floating rose - I thought the pattern on this top was beautiful, and I love the bright color.  It cinches in at the waist a bit, although not very strongly, and the fabric on the bottom is a little more gathered and flowy. The only thing I was a little unsure of with this top was the build in scarf. I just couldn't figure out how to tie it. I didn't try the look on the website photo, and this may work. I didn't hate it just loosely tied and hanging how I have it in the picture here. The fabric is quite lovely and silky. This too might be another one I save to put that rewards card to.

And last but not least, an OOTD. I took my Maritime dress in navy out for a spin, along with my new Flannel ballet flats. I don't remember who initially recommended these shoes as an alternative to the Tory Burch Ambrose Cap toe flannel flat that I completely love. There's a HUGE price difference, and for now, the pair from the loft are perfect, and will tide me over, although I'm not saying I won't give in and get these tory's at some point.

Have a great evening!

XOXO Jennifer


  1. I want that bright dahlia cardigan!!!!

  2. Oh I got the flair skirt, it will be on my blog tomorrow, I think you look better in it though, I don't have much of a waist.
    You've opened my eyes to that red blouse, love it.

  3. Love, love the gingham wool delany dress! I hadn't seen it. Thanks for the reviews and cluing me into the delany dress! :o)

  4. The Silk scarf tank looks good to you.

    Christina @ Mens Watch