Friday, September 16, 2011

Girls night out

Hey everyone,

So I'm quite happy today. My first rotation of medically is officially over :-) I had internal medicine and while I did enjoy it for the most part, I am definitely looking forward to moving on to something new. The next three months are going to be crazy, and I'm hoping to still find some time to post. I'm moving onto my surgery rotation, and every 3rd day for the next month (starting tuesday) I work a 27 hour shift. Yikes. So needless to say, much of my spare time will be spent catching up on sleep. And, my OOTD for the greater part of the next 3 months will consist of scrubs, so nothing too exciting, lol.

So to celebrate, my friends and I went out to dinner tonight. I tried salmon for the first time, and it was SO good! It was grilled and there was like a lemon butter sauce on the side that was amazing as well. I like being able to go out to dinner with my friends, as it gives me the chance to wear normal clothes, and have a little fun with my clothes. So for tonight, I wore my brand new prince of wales blazer that I blogged about previously in this post. I absolutely love this blazer. It is just so perfect. I decided to pair it with a simple white top, and went with the sequin-tiered ruffle tissue tank. I loved the way the little ruffle along the bottom pokes out under the blazer. And these shoes are one of my most recent purchases on ebay! They are the ever popular patent leather mary janes. These ones are a dark rust colored red. They are quite a bit lighter than they appear in this picture. They actually almost look black which is not the case at all! I love the color, and the shoes themselves! The only downfall is the height on that heel. It basically limits my ability to wear them to days when I'll be sitting 99% of the day. I do plan on getting some of those Dr. Sholls inserts to try. Hopefully they at least add a little comfort. The things we do for fashion... lol. So heres the IRL:

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer


  1. So cute on you! I just got my POW blazer yesterday (ebay win, hooray!) and I love it. Agree that those mary janes are adorable, but not for load of walking/standing b/c of the height. Dr. S inserts do help! Good luck with your surgery rotation!

  2. Fantastic outfit. The jacket is darling. Perfect frro hanging out with friends.

  3. So, so cute! Glad you enjoyed your night out! i think I'm going to wear my prince of wales this week, since the weather has cooled.