Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cowlneck poncho, and some other stuff...

Hey everyone,

So after seeing it on shoppingwithm here, I decided I simply must go try on the Cowlneck poncho. I was a little undecided about this one when it first came out. At first I liked it, then I saw it in the store and wasn't sure if I really loved the fabric, then I tried it on and I am completely in love :-) I don't know what I was thinking when I was at the store last weekend and decided not to try it on, potentially a moment of insanity, but none the less, I'm SO glad I decided to go back today and give it a try. It is definitely a piece that I can already tell will be one of my favorites this fall (when I'm not wearing hospital scrubs..). I ended up getting the S. I could have quite easily sized down to the XS, but quite honestly, I loved the baggy way the S fit, so I ended up sticking with it. It is not itchy at all, which I know was a concern. The inside is lined, up into the sleeves with a satiny material. I love the herringbone patter as well. I honestly don't think I have one bad thing to say about this poncho! If you want a baggier fit like I have on below, then get your usual size in jcrew stuff, maybe even a size down. If you want it a little less baggy, I recommend sizing down at least 1 if not 2 sizes from your usual size. This is the one issue that some have mentioned, being that there will definitely be a decent amount of people that will be sized out. I already have a trip planned to the cider mill and to a nearby little town with my parents next weekend, and I am planning on wearing this poncho.

I tried it on at the store with the boatneck painters tee in stripe in the navy color. I went with a medium in this shirt. I thought it ran a little small for how j.crews sizing has been going lately, but is pretty par with how it was maybe 2 years ago or so. I used to wear a M in j.crew, but lately, I find myself going for the S more and more because the sizing has changed so much.

Fall Essentials

Next I decided to try on the Boy shirt in stripe de chine that a lot of people were talking about as well. I tried on the 6, my usual size, and thought I could have sized down to a 4. I thought this shirt was quite lovely. The fabric was so soft and silky. I have SO many striped things right now, but I think this would still be a great addition to the mix. This one will definitely be going on my wishlist.

Finally, I saw the Origami mini in Houndsooth. I thought it looked really cute, and the fabric actually looked a lot like the Prince of Wales, but after looking, I didn't realize how similar the two actually are. I thought the fabric was cute, I'm loving the plaids this year. The shape on this one was just okay. I thought it ran a little small. I usually take a 6 in j.crew skirts, but this one was an 8. Its also pretty short, even though you can't quite tell from the first picture. Don't mind my awkward sweater on top :-) Overall its a cute skirt, but not something I could wear to the hospital (one of my criteria for some of my clothes right now), so it was a pass for me.

After stopping j.crew, I got a little caught up in my Pottery Barn store :-) I had been looking at the website last night looking for things to decorate my apartment with for the fall, so I decided to stop in while I was already at the mall. I am literally just in heaven when I walk into that store. It is COMPLETELY my design style, and I love just about everything they have in there. Eventually one day when I have a house and have money, I plan to fully decorate my house in PB. 

So I ended up picking up a few things while I was there to decorate my table. I'm pretty please with the way it turned out :-) My boring table is no more.

Pottery Barn Halloween

So tomorrow I start my surgery rotation. Its just orientation tomorrow, and then Tuesday I jump right into it. I have call every 3rd day (or q3 as its called in the medical world) which means I will work for 27 hours straight on those days, from 5:30am until 9:00am the next morning. Its going to be a VERY tiring month. At least I get the day off that I come home at 9:00am. It will most likely be filled with plenty of sleep. I'm definitely looking forward to this rotation. I think it will be exhausting but fun and exciting as well. That being said, as I mentioned a few days ago, I might not be posting as much, at least in terms of clothing and such. I will probably pop in from time to time to update how things are going as a mini surgeon :-) I really like scrubs, they are so comfy, but my closet is definitely going to be missing me!!

Have a great night!!

XOXO Jennifer


  1. I want my dining room table to look like that. So festive! :)

    The cowlneck looks great on you a bit loose. For me, I needed a closer fit but only because if I went slouchy on top and fitted on bottom, it would really highlight my hips. A more closely fitted one for me helps better define my upper body, which keeps me from looking "hippy." LOL.

    Glad you had a great time!

  2. I love your table, in the UK we don't celebrate Hallowe'en with the vigour that Americans do, I wish I could go out and source things like this to decorate, it's such fun.

  3. The cowlneck poncho looks great on you. Love the silk blouse, too. Good luck w/your rotation :)

  4. Dina - thanks! And lol I don't think it would have made you look hippy. It does feel quite large but that adds to the cozy factor that I love :-)

    Bourbonandpearls - thanks :-) that's unfortunate! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! I've always loved decorating for it, ever since I was little. I can't imagine life without decorating for halloween lol

    Gigi - welcome back!! I hopes mini G and you are doing well! Thanks so much for letting me participate as one of your guest bloggers :-) thanks for the compliments as well :-)

  5. The cowlneck poncho looks so great on you, Jen!! It makes me want to add it to my never ending wishlist! I should at least try it on. Super cute! I tried the same striped silk shirt and origami skirt the other day, too. The striped shirt is high up on my wishlist. I liked the skirt, but thought it was too short for me. I sized up in the skirt, also, and will size down in the striped shirt, too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I so went and got the cowlneck poncho (when it finally went on sale!) and the boy silk shirt in the navy stripe after seeing how great they looked on you! Hope your surgery rotation is going well, that was one of the most intense but also best couple of months of med school :) Good luck!