Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some J.Crew try ons

Hey everyone!

Went to my local j.crew today to return some stuff and of course couldn't resist trying some things on as well. I was actually a little underimpressed at the selection at my local store today. I didn't feel as though there were a TON of new things out on the floor yet which was a tad disappointing. There was at least one cure mannequin setup that inspired one of the outfits I tried on, and then a purchase. The other good thing was that apparently my store now carries the crewcuts line! While I don't have any kids, this is still exciting. Its such cute stuff. I like having the mini mannequins in the front of the store all dressed up too. It makes it more fun lol.

First off my OOTD. I wore my lady lace sweater in champagne with my black flair skirt (I've really been loving these!), some grey j.crew tights and my black Steve madden intyce boots.

OOTD 11/12/11

Also, I love stopping into Williams Sonoma every time I am at the mall, and I must say, they had some delicious things in there today! They have this warm spiced apple cider that they make from concentrate. Its a little bit strong, but so yummy! Today they were also making these mini pecan pumpkin spice muffins, with this amazing frosting on top. I would HIGHLY recommend stopping in there and grabbing some mix to make these muffins. They were so tasty! And the "frosting" is 1/2 jar of their pecan pumpkn butter, 1 stick of butter, and 1 block of philadelphia cream cheese. Definitely not for those on a diet, but so so good. They would be perfect for holiday parties as well!

Moving on to the good stuff, Here are some of the things I tried on today:

Jules dress in wildcat - There has been a lot of talk and a lot of love over this dress in blogworld, so when I saw it, I knew I had to give it a try. I tried my usual 6, and thought it fit pretty good. The pattern on this dress is lovely, however, I think I would like it better perhaps if it was more uniform. I had this problem with the leopard tippi sweater earlier in the year for the very same reason, although this one does not have as much as a pattern shift. The dress is made out of rayon and while it feels very soft and silky, there is no give or stretch to it, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I liked it, but I didn't think it really did much for me either, and I wasn't willing to pay the $188 price tag at this point. 

Chainlink Cable sweater in stripe - Oh how I wanted to love this sweater. I absolutely love a cable sweater, and a stripe, and the black and cream color combination. Unfortunately, the fit of this sweater just seemed all off to me. I tried on a medium in this one. Remember the tight sleeves syndrome that was talked about with some of the sweaters last year? Well it was back in this sweater. Not only was that the case, but while the arms were snug, the body was swimming and seemed to have an a-line pattern. It just seemed all wrong. This picture doesnt fully capture that. I should have taken a side shot. I tried the small just to see if the body got any better, and it was just as billowy as the medium. The online picture of this sweater does not show it having this shape at all, although the text does describe it as have "slim sleeves" and a "slightly swingy silhouette." Oh how I wish this would have just been a normal fitting sweater! That being said, maybe if it goes on a good sale I'd still grab it as it was super comfortable and I still liked the overall look to it!

Natasha top - I had see this one around the store many times but hadn't yet given it a try myself. I tried on the 4 in the vivid poppy. I really did like this top. I thought it fits very well, and this color was beautiful. I love the ruffle trim. There isn't really anything bad I can say about this one, aside from the fact that j.crew stores should really invest in using a steamer after they unbox their items because man are there some deep fold lines in some of these items.

Winnie Dress - There were actually only two of these left in my store, and one of them happened to be my typical size 6, so I had to try it on. At first I didn't even recognize it as the Winnie dress but I had a feeling it might have been it. This dress is VERY soft, and had quite a flattering silhouette. I kind of wish they would have made it in more colors. The only real issue that I had with this dress was the length. It hit me just below the knee, and for me I thought that was just a tad too long. I would have loved it had it hit above the knee.

Betsy Sweater -  I had been searching for a sweater in this color for a month or so now after seeing a few sets on polyvore that I loved, so when I saw it, I had to try it. This is the warm moss color in a size medium. I thought it fit pretty tts, could possibly have sized down but I wanted to be able to layer it, so I stuck with the medium. The fabric is very very soft, but also very thin, which was actually a bit of a disappointment for me. I layered it with one of the chambrey shirts they had and at one point I thought I could see the buttons in the front through the sweater. But alas, the color and softness still won me over, so I ended up taking it home. 

Last up is the Scoopneck blouse in seine stripe - So the reason I even grabbed this top was because I saw it on a mannequin, hence the outfit I tried on below, although they had it paired with jeans, which I could see doing as well. I tried on the 6 and thought it fit pretty tts. I love the cream and navy stripes. The keyhole detail in the back is a cute touch as well. I also love the fact that it layers surprisingly well. 

So after shopping today I also went to go see Puss in boots in 3D. I must say it was a very cute movie, and I would definitely recommend it. Its kind of along the lines of a Shrek movie and has some similar adult references that probably go over most kids heads (at least I hope), so keep that in mind when thinking of taking the little ones. But all in all a very cute movie with a fun story line!

Have a great evening!

XOXO Jennifer

Friday, November 11, 2011

Just an OOTD

Hey everyone,

So I had the day off today in honor of Veterans Day. The strange thing about it, is that the reason I have it off is because I was at the VA hospital this past week and they basically close everything down for veterans day. What a great way to honor them, they can't even get health care, lol. Either way, I enjoyed my day off today, and a special thanks to all the men and women that have and continue to risk their lives so that we may have freedom!

Today I just have a quick post with an OOTD. I tried out one of my new Flair skirts, which I purchased with my rewards card, and my thermal henley which I purchased with the recent 25% off sale. I have a slight obsession with these flair skirts right now, they just have such a great line and are so comfortable! And the thermal shirts j.crew has out right now are just to die for! The are the ultimate it cozy wear. In fact, I transitioned my thermal henley from today into my evening cozy wear with the pants from the vintage pajama set. I could seriously live in these shirts all winter. Here is a shot of my OOTD and a polyvore :-) Wore it around town running some errands.

OOTD 11/11/11

Have a great day!!

XOXO Jennifer

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Killing me...

Hey everyone!

So one thing I did not need to wake up to this morning, was j.crew's email about 25% off + free shipping on everything. After I had just placed some orders last week... really j.crew?? I have really been busting the bank lately, and having a hard time not pulling the trigger on things. So needless to say, I have lots of things coming my way, and soon I will be posting a nice big post with some reviews (many of which are probably repeats from other bloggers, but hey, oh well). I also plan on going to the store on friday (I have to go to the mall to go get new contacts anyways so its just a lame excuse to go to my local jcrew), so if you have any requests for things that you'd like me to try in store let me know!

One thing all of this shopping lately has gotten me thinking about is holiday gifts. I sometimes feel as though I am the world's worst gift buyer. I just never know what to get anyone. I think its generally because I tend to try and over think things and make my gifts more personal. While this is great in some ways, it gets very exhausting. Then you also have the fact that the only thing the boyfriend ever wants are expensive watches and technology. Oye vei. I think he is the most difficult to buy for but even my parents I find it hard. I feel lame just getting them clothes. Anyone have any creative ideas for gifts this year?? The holidays are coming up way too fast, but its my FAVORITE time of the year, so I'm not complaining :-)

In the meantime, just wanted to share a recent OOTD. We had some friends over this weekend for dinner, and this was a nice casual outfit for entertaining! No actual shots, but just a polyvore.
OOTD 11/6/11

Well thats it for the evening, happy shopping!

XOXO Jennifer

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm back...

Hey everyone!

I apologize for being MIA for such a long period of time. School has been keeping me pretty busy and I haven't had a ton of time for blogging! I am in the middle of my surgery rotation which I am absolutely loving! It is one of those things I kept trying to talk myself out of liking because of the typical lifestyle, but in the end, I keep coming back to it, so as of right now, I'm mildly sure I'll be going into surgery :-) So many attendings I've talked with have mentioned to me how you can definitely have a life outside of being a surgeon, and thats all I really want, so I'm hopeful that it will all work out in the end! I think the only thing that could change my mind at this point is OB since I've always been pretty interested in that as well. Hopefully from now on, things will get a little easier, and I'll be able to get back to posting more regularly.

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween yesterday! It was my first year passing out candy. I live in an apartment complex, but its basically like town homes where each one has its own individual entrance. We actually did get a few trick-or-treaters. They were just too darn cute. I was shocked however that nobody just yells trick-or-treat anymore like we used to when I was a kid. Now everyone just rings the doorbell, and if you are lucky they will say it once you open the door. All in all it was fun handing out candy, and I have LOTS left over... darn :-)

So since I have been mainly living in scrubs in the OR, shopping hasn't been much of a priority (yet another reason I haven't been blogging). It hasn't stopped me from looking though, and now that the rewards cards are out, I'm ready to spend!! Just wanted to share some things that are currently on my list :-)

Colorblock cardigan - I really like both colors of this sweater. It looks so darn comfy, I could feel it easily working its way through the whole winter keeping me warm. The muslin caramel color will probably be more versatile with my wardrobe so if I do end up getting this one it will most likely be in this color.

Perfect shirt in tartan - I missed out on this one last year. This year I have been wearing button down shirts much much more, and I think this one is a perfect shirt to add to my collection. It will be great for the holidays I think. very excited about this one and will definitely be getting this with my rewards card.

Ribbed glovelettes - These things are SO cute. I can't help but want them in every color offered. I am having quite a hard time deciding which color of these to get first...

Vintage thermal tee in stripe - I must say that I am still not over stripes, and I am loving the thermal material of this shirt. So cute, and will be very versatile and well worn into the winter

Charlese Corduroy Shirtdress - This dress really intrigues me. I love the shirtdresses,  I love corduroy, and I love this color. Could this be a win? Has anyone else tried this one? I'm definitely thinking about giving it a try, bad thing is its not available until 12/15. boo. Let me know if you've tried it!

Silk scoopneck blouse in royal paisley - LOVE this pattern, and I'm loving the shape of this blouse as well. I definitely want to give this one a try at some point. I'm not so sure I love the pairing with the matching pencil skirt like they seem to love, but I could definitely see wearing each individually.

No.2 Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley - I was bummed I missed out on the perfect paisley pencil skirt earlier this year, so I am glad to see this one. I think I still like the color of the previous version better, but I still love this skirt!

Classic Pajama in Polka-dot flannel - I am such a sucker for good jammies. These are just the perfect winter pajamas, and I can just imagine waking up in these Christmas morning (yes I am still quite a child). So cute :-)

Double cloth Lady Day coat - this is such a classic coat. I am SUCH a sucker for coats too.. I think I have about a million, but, what I am lacking is a nice long wool black coat and white one, so this one is on my list, in these colors. Maybe they will have another good coat sale this year and I can pick these up. I also love the model's look in this picture. I totally want to copy it!

Cashmere snood - I got one of these snoods last year and I loved it!! Definitely looking forward to adding more to my collection this year :-)

Alright, I think thats it for now! Hopefully it won't be too long until you hear from me again. 

Have a great evening!

XOXO Jennifer