Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some J.Crew Reviews

Hey Everyone!

So much for my weekly posts. Things have been a little bit crazy lately. My schedule has been VERY sporadic now that I'm on inpatient OB. Its been fun, and on Friday night I got to deliver my first baby :-) It was very exciting, although I must say, it did not give me that wow this is what I want to be doing the rest of my life feeling. Not quite like the feeling I get when I think about surgery. Still deciding, but it is starting to look as though it might be surgery...

I somehow managed to get the whole weekend off, so today I decided to head to the mall to try some things on. I must say it was a fairly successful trip. There were a few things from j.crew that I went specifically to try on. One of them was the Lillian Dress in watercolor floral and the Jules dress in fanfare. You can see shoppingwithm try both of these on here. I must say that I loved both on her, and decided I just had to give them a try for myself. So moving on to my reviews. Don't mind the socks. Clearly not how I would wear them lol

Lillian Dress in watercolor floral - omg this print is so dreamy. I absolutely LOVE the beautiful colors in this dress. It is just so beautiful. I thought the shape of this one was quite nice as well, if not a tad too long on me, but that could easily be fixed if I so choose. I ended up trying on both a 6 and an 8 in this one. The 6 was a little snug and barely zipped up. I know I've gained a few pounds over the holidays but huh? So I tried the 8, and while this did fit better, I still chose to take home the 6 for when I get rid of some of these holiday pounds (yup I'm aware its february already...) Pictured below is the 8.

Jules dress in Fanfare - This one I ended up trying in both the 6 and the 8 as well. I liked the fit of the 8 just a tad better in this one, but this could also be due to the above mentioned reason as well. I ended up getting it in the 8, but we will see, maybe I will change my mind and get the 6 so that it won't be too big eventually. The print on this one is so cute, and I love where it hits just above the knee. I can see getting plenty of use out of this one. First picture is the 6, second is the 8.

Maritime-like dress - I thought I remembered seeing this one online at one point but it doesnt seem to be up there now. I liked the colors of this one a lot and it was very reminiscent of the maritime dress, which I loved. It is made of a very similar, if not the same, fabric, and has the side zippers as well. Fit similar to the maritime as well. This one is a small. I thought this one was very cute, but I don't need another dress like this :-)

Perfect shirt in medium gingham - not available online anymore, but there were plenty of them in my store in all the bright colors. I loved the aqua one after seeing it in the set below by shoppingwithm, and knew I had to get my hands on it somehow. I took a 6 in this one, which is my normal size. It was pretty fitted so if anything I would say it runs a touch small. Love this color. This seems to be the color I'm really into for spring.
tuquoise & white

Beach cardigan (73048)- The only reason I am calling them this is because the chunky knit reminds me of the metallic beach cardigan. I liked this one, but the fit was not the same between colors. in the navy, the medium fit just fine everywhere. In the aqua color, the sleeves were quite baggy on the medium, and even after trying on the small, the sleeves were baggy. I didn't understand it at all. It was very strange, so I really don't know how to advise on how this sweater fit. The aqua looked a little frumpy to me I thought, but I liked the navy.
Vintage Cotton V-neck in stripe - Grabbed this to try on with the sweaters. Was a cute top. This was a M, which is my normal j.crew shirt size. Cute shirt, but I need another striped shirt like a need a hole in my head...


Scalloped Lace Shell - This is something I have at home but grabbed to try on with the pencil below. I have a M in this one at home, but have the small on here. I definitely like the fit of the medium a little better. Just a little bit of extra room.
Paisley No. 2 Pencil (72585) - this skirt drew my eye hanging up. I liked the purple color, so I decided to give it a try. This is my usual 6 in jcrew pencils. I thought this one was pretty cute. I love the paisley, and the purple color was nice too. I liked the way it looked with the scalloped lace shell. Nice outfit for spring.

Boatneck popover - This is an interesting fabric. Its listed as a cotton/lycra spandex. I've seen other things by them in this blend before. In this I think it works. It definitely gives it a dressier vibe somehow (although it doesn't sound like it would.. lol) I thought this one was pretty cute. I took a small in this one and thought it worked well. I go between S and M in jcrew tops, so perhaps if you flip flop like me, go with the smaller of the two in this top.

Cotton Waffle pullover - I just grabbed this one. Thought the color was interesting. On, it wasn't great. I thought it looked like a sack. I didn't really like much about this sweater at all. It fit ok and was cozy, but I thought the color was very blah, and it just did absolutely nothing for me.

Last but certainly not least is my OOTD. I wore my jcrew leggy denim jeans (my current favorite), jcrew blousana top, and madewell archive boots (I just decided to give these a try recently and I looovvvveeeee them!).

Hope you've having fun watching the Super Bowel! I usually only watch for the commercials. Nothing TOO great that I've noticed so far... What have your favorite commercials been?? I did enjoy the M&M one.

Keep an eye out for another post in the next few days... I made my first trip to try stuff on at anthro!!

Have a great evening!

XOXO Jennifer


  1. Thanks for your reviews! Don't you think JC is overdoing it a bit when they reproduce an item, like the Maritime,the very next year? Oh, well it's their business; guess they know what they're doing (?).

    I'm watching the Super Bowl. Madonna's half-time show was just on, that was alright, and can't think of any noteworthy commercials. Looking forward to Anthro reviews! :)

  2. justvisiting - yes I agree with the overdoing it, but at the same time, if its working for them, why not keep doing it? The maritime was a big success so it seemed, so I could see why they would repeat similar styles. Its like the jules dress which has been done in multiple patterns, and the blouson dress which has also been done multiple ways. People will keep buying I'm sure lol Its like that whole thing of when you find a shirt or sweater that fits, you get it in a bunch of colors. I know I do that, I'm sure I am not the only one :-) And as for Madonna, she was just ok.. she looked like she was lip singing the whole time, and her walking was this like trying to be playful thing, that didn't really work and just made it look like she kept stumbling.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! I've been dying to try the Lillian dress, I think the print is so gorgeous! I love the cut of the Jules dress but can't seem to get into the Fanfare print...

  4. The Lillian dress is very, very pretty! It's too bad that it doesn't come in a petite where alterations would unlikely be required (I know you're busy!)...

  5. The cardi is such a pretty color on you. I like the fanfare dress & boatneck dress on you, too :)