Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peter Pan Collar Shirt

I recently purchased the Peter Pan Collar Tee from jcrew, and I love it. I was asked by someone on polyvore to do a review of this item, so here it is!

I apologize in advance for the not so great pictures of me in the shirt, but it's the best I could do this evening :-)

This is really the first Peter pan collar I've done. I know it is a pretty big trend right now, and I must say, I'm a fan. I think it creates a flattering neckline with a polished look. I know others have felt they have looked school-girlish in these Peter pan shirts, but I did not get that feeling.

The shirt is made of cotton, and the trip on the collar and sleeves is silk. The shirt has a very nice feel to it, very soft, and seems pretty well made, although I think the knit is thick enough that I personally would call it more of a sweater than a tee.

I thought the fit on it was decent, perhaps a bit boxier than one would think from how it is portrayed online. It flares out a bit at the bottom on me. I went with a medium in this one, and in all honestly probably could have sized down to a small for a closer fit, but I was happy with it overall so I ended up sticking with the medium (I go between a small and medium in jcrew shirts/sweaters depending on the fit). It also is a little bit short, which works for me since I'm short too, and i like the layered look of having the tank under it. For taller girls, this ones probably going to be too short, especially since if you tried to size up, it would just flare out more.

Here are some close ups of the details. I love the silk collar and trim on the sleeves, although I haven't decided yet if the silk on the sleeves is supposed to be flipped up or down... I've been wearing mine flipped up over the fabric. It sometimes does flip back down during wear, especially in the back by the elbow, which is a tad annoying at times.

It also has a brass colored exposed zipper in the back. You can't get the shirt on over your head without unzipping it (at least I can't) but it is very easy to self zip when it's on. I know not everyone likes the exposed zipper look, but on this shirt, I think it looks really cute, and am a fan.

Overall, I highly recommend this shirt, and love it. If anything I think you could size down if you're between sizes on this one. I plan on wearing mine with jeans and my new burgundy corduroys with either flats or boots. I can see this being a piece I'll reach for plenty this fall and winter!

Have you tried this top? How have you worn it or are planning on wearing it?

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer


  1. If that top was a wee bit longer and leaner, I would have been all over it - the details are so cute on that piece!

  2. I love the look of this tee. Just too darn cute. I tried it on in store but the exposed zipper is a bummer. My hair kept getting caught in it.

  3. Lisa - I hear ya! I think the only reason this top works for me is because I have a shorter torso. It's a shame, because it does not appear that short in the product image!

    Small town gal - Bummer is right! I've had that happen with other exposed zippers but this one has been ok so far!