Monday, October 8, 2012

My New Fall Love...

Hey everyone!

So today I wanted to share with you my new absolute favorite piece for this fall. It is the J.Crew Collection Golden Paisley Blouse. The price on this one is quite staggering, so I turned to ebay to see if I could find one for cheaper (after Shopwithm tipped me off! Thanks!), and I did, so I snatched it up right away. It was nearly 1/3 of the cost of retail, so I couldn't beat it. It appears to be from UK j.crew (based on one of the tags), but is no different as far as I can tell.

The fabric on this top is absolutely stunning. It is 100% silk, and quite frankly, I can tell. It feels dreamy to the touch, and is quite comfortable on as well. It has a style fit very similar to the Talitha blouses from J.Crew last year, however, in those I took a 4, where as with this top, I ended up getting the 6, and I think that was the right fit for me. I go between these two sizes in tops at jcrew so I would say if you are between, go with the larger of the two, as there is really no give at all in this top.

The top also seems to be very well made, heck for the price, it better be, but we all know with jcrews reputation in the past few years that is not always the case. It seems of good quality, and I don't worry that the stitching will be falling out anywhere anytime soon.

The pattern on this is absolutely lovely. I love the colors, jewel tones, very in for this fall, and the paisley is just gorgeous.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this top, especially if you can get it on promo or for ebay. I am not sure I would spend the $300 retail for it, but have to admit it would be quite tempting...

Here are a few shots of the blouse and how I styled it.

Yesterday I wore it with a pair of skinny jeans, and my target kaelyn boots in taupe (I also have them in black!). These are another item I highly recommend this fall!

 This top has so many colors you could pull out of it and pair it with, I decided to give it a try with my LL Bean corduroy blazer in mustard from last year and think it looks great! Again paired with some skinny jeans and my taupe booties. This look would also be great with a pair of neutral pumps instead of the booties!

Colorful look paired with a pair of mustard colored jeans from j.crew, and my favorite boots.

For some more dressed up looks, I paired it with my beige wool pencil skirt, and then in my navy flair skirt from last year. I really l like both of these looks. I think the first is great for a day at the office.

Paired with the flair skirt is probably my favorite look. This would be a great look for going out to dinner or holiday parties! 

When all is said and done, I absolutely love this top, and it will be one of my favorites for this fall that  I can see myself reaching for time and time again, as there are so many options for dressing it up/down. Have a great evening!

XOXO Jennifer


  1. Hooray, thanks so much for the review! Love the pairings, and think the Flair is my favorite too. I will definitely be recreating that since I have it. :) It looks so pretty and I'm glad you could find one on ebay.

  2. I don't think there is a J Crew UK, my orders all come from the US and aren't marked UK anywhere. Nevertheless it's lovely so who cares?

  3. Just stumbled across your blog- I too am a bit of a J.CrewAholic! I absolutely love that shirt and I love how you showed so many different ways to incorporate it into an outfit. Great post!

  4. Too bad, it’s already out of stock! I really love the prints all over it. Likewise with the pants, it really looks gorgeous and sexy! I’ve scanned the other outfits and I never thought white blouse with jeans would be a perfect match. Thanks a lot for sharing! I’d better check with my budget first. Ciao!

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  5. I love the combo with the black skirt!