Sunday, July 31, 2011

Off to the movies

So today I went to go see Captain America. I'm usually not a huge superhero/movies based off comic books fan, but my friends were going so I decided to go along as well. We saw it in 3D, and I must say that while the movie was pretty good, I don't think they really utilized the 3D the way they could have. So if you choose to see it not in 3D, you're definitely not missing anything in my opinion.

So I decided to take my new Chambray shirtdress out for a ride today. The weather today here isn't too hot, plus I was going to sit inside a movie theater which is usually cold, so I thought it was a good day to give it a try. I threw on an old calf hair leopard belt and matching flip-flops and was good to go! I was really pleased with how this outfit turned out. It was very comfortable but still cute. I also liked the pop of orangy-pink that was on my toes. :-) Here's some shots of how it looked.

Chambray and leopard

Something else I wore for the first time today was my new Michael Kors Oversized Tortoise Shell Watch. I got this as a present from the boyfriend for doing well on my board exams. I had gotten the silver on, and while at the store, fell in love with this one as well, so I had to have it :-) I love the tortoise shell band, and it also gave me the opportunity to have a watch with gold accents that I could wear with my gold jewelry. The only issue that I've had with it so far was in resizing it. The links on the band are rather large, so I was between one link. If they took it out, it felt too tight and unable to move around at all. If they put it back in, it flopped around on my wrist a bit. I decided to go with it being a little bigger and after wearing it today, I'm happy with my decision. Yea its fairly big on my wrist, but its not to the point where it bothers me. I am very happy with this watch, and if you are looking for a tortoise shell watch, I would highly recommend this one!

Thats all for now :-) Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer


  1. Love it with the sandals and watch!

  2. Darling outfit! I adore that chambray shirtdress - it is such a versatile piece for your closet :) One of my friends got the same watch as you, she loves it so much! I was close to buying it but bought one from Guess instead.


  3. Cute! And your watch is awesome.

  4. Thanks everyone! :-)

    The watch is definitely one of my favorite new pieces!