Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday travel

Hey everyone!

Last night I drove home to my parents with the boyfriend so the holiday traveling is over. We weren't planning on leaving until this morning, and then last night around 6 the boyfriend decided he just wanted to head home, so we scrambled around for the next.2 hours, got everything packed up and here we are! When he decided this I was right in the middle of taking some packing pictures to post last night. So since that didn't happen, I'll post them today. I must say, I love having polyvore, it has made packing SO much easier! I can plan out my outfits in advance so that when it comes time to actually pack all I have to do is pull up the polyvore set on my iPhone and pull out all the items. It's really streamlined things and saved some time I think, even though the planning does usually take some time. If you haven't tried it before I definitely recommend it!

We somehow managed to load all the wrapped presents into the car, and everything made it safely. I must say that I have become quite good at packing my jeep for travel. I was proud of my packing job with all the presents last night needless to say lol.

It was definitely nice to have this extra day to spend with family. I went out and did some running around with my mom, and we finished up all the Christmas shopping, even though I was basically already done at that point but she had a few more things to get.

I'll probably not be posting much substance over the next week or so, but I'm going to try and snap some pictures of what I'm wearing to post throughout the week! Sorry if things seem a little unorganized in these posts. I'm using the blogger app for the iPhone and it doesn't let you put the pictures into the text, so bear with me!

Here's some pictures of my packing and of my OOTD!

I hope everyone has a blessed holiday, and safe travels to all of you traversing long distances to get to your destinations!

Happy holidays!

XOXO Jennifer

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