Thursday, December 8, 2011

Almost done...

Hey everyone!

I am ALMOST done with this semester of school, so things will definitely be lightening up after this! I've been doing pediatric surgery for the past month and I love it! Working with the kids is so much fun, and the vast majority of them are healthy and just undergoing small little procedures. My exam for surgery is tomorrow, then we have a small 2 weeks worth of classes, then two weeks off. It will definitely be nice to have the break!

So last weekend i started getting into the christmas spirit, and boyfriend and I went with a friend of his from work and his family to go cut down Christmas trees. We had already put up our fake one, but it was still a lot of fun, and the weather was great! Do you guys put up a real tree or fake? I grew up with real trees, boyfriend grew up with all fake trees. I definitely miss the smell of the real tree but can appreciate how my h easier it is to put up a fake pre-lit tree. It does make things a lot easier! I did end up getting a wreath at the tree farm so that I could bring that lovely smell into my house.

I was also in decorating mode extreme last weekend, and not only put up my tree, but put up lights and garland outside as well. We have some neighbors that always go all out with lights, and I decided this year I didnt want to be outdone, so I went all out as well.

There's someone else in my house that appears to love the Christmas decorations just as much as I do, my cat, Jezzibelle. A few years ago, she climbed halfway up the tree, so every year I'm terrified she will do it again. This year she seemed to be in a particular spunky mood when I put it up, but so far, the most she has done it laid under it. I did find one bulb on the floor, which I'm sure she did, but luckily, it wasn't broken or anything. Let's just hope it stays that way...

One thing I haven't started doing is Christmas shopping! With school being so busy I just haven't found the time! I always wait until the last minute. I have some ideas, but still trying to figure it all out. Luckily I don't have too many people to buy for so that makes things a little easier. Hopefully this weekend I can get most of it done, if not all of it. It would be so nice to be done now and not have to worry about it anymore!

Here's some shots of my decorations and miss kitty sitting in her favorite spot.

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer


  1. Everything looks gorgeous! Hope to be "seeing" more of you as things slow down. :o)

  2. Thanks! And yes, hopefully I will have more time now to do stuff. Right now I am desperately trying to make my packing list for going home for Christmas, for a whole week... eck