Friday, November 11, 2011

Just an OOTD

Hey everyone,

So I had the day off today in honor of Veterans Day. The strange thing about it, is that the reason I have it off is because I was at the VA hospital this past week and they basically close everything down for veterans day. What a great way to honor them, they can't even get health care, lol. Either way, I enjoyed my day off today, and a special thanks to all the men and women that have and continue to risk their lives so that we may have freedom!

Today I just have a quick post with an OOTD. I tried out one of my new Flair skirts, which I purchased with my rewards card, and my thermal henley which I purchased with the recent 25% off sale. I have a slight obsession with these flair skirts right now, they just have such a great line and are so comfortable! And the thermal shirts j.crew has out right now are just to die for! The are the ultimate it cozy wear. In fact, I transitioned my thermal henley from today into my evening cozy wear with the pants from the vintage pajama set. I could seriously live in these shirts all winter. Here is a shot of my OOTD and a polyvore :-) Wore it around town running some errands.

OOTD 11/11/11

Have a great day!!

XOXO Jennifer


  1. Love it! I'll definitely be copying, as I just got this thermal in the mail today. I saw the tan Flair on sale today for $70. Was bummed not to get the extra % off though, as I can't justify it unless it's rock bottom. :)

  2. Thanks M! It was quite a cozy outfit! And ugh, I've been bad, I have acquired nearly all the flair skirts except maybe the pine and henna... The pine is next on my list lol. I just love the shape! Ive actually tried. Them in an assortment of sizes as well. This was is a petite 8. I kind of like the length of the petites on me since I'm only 5'3". Hopefully the flairs do come down much much more so you can get more and join my obsession lol. I ended up getting the plaid one too... It's so cute!

  3. Cute! Glad to see you posting again...hope your work schedule has lightened some! :o)

  4. I love your outfit AND I can actually see you! You are too cute:)

  5. Oh that Flair skirt is so cute in the navy. I was thinking about trying to get black, but I might get the navy if I'm lucky. I'll have to try it on.