Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Killing me...

Hey everyone!

So one thing I did not need to wake up to this morning, was j.crew's email about 25% off + free shipping on everything. After I had just placed some orders last week... really j.crew?? I have really been busting the bank lately, and having a hard time not pulling the trigger on things. So needless to say, I have lots of things coming my way, and soon I will be posting a nice big post with some reviews (many of which are probably repeats from other bloggers, but hey, oh well). I also plan on going to the store on friday (I have to go to the mall to go get new contacts anyways so its just a lame excuse to go to my local jcrew), so if you have any requests for things that you'd like me to try in store let me know!

One thing all of this shopping lately has gotten me thinking about is holiday gifts. I sometimes feel as though I am the world's worst gift buyer. I just never know what to get anyone. I think its generally because I tend to try and over think things and make my gifts more personal. While this is great in some ways, it gets very exhausting. Then you also have the fact that the only thing the boyfriend ever wants are expensive watches and technology. Oye vei. I think he is the most difficult to buy for but even my parents I find it hard. I feel lame just getting them clothes. Anyone have any creative ideas for gifts this year?? The holidays are coming up way too fast, but its my FAVORITE time of the year, so I'm not complaining :-)

In the meantime, just wanted to share a recent OOTD. We had some friends over this weekend for dinner, and this was a nice casual outfit for entertaining! No actual shots, but just a polyvore.
OOTD 11/6/11

Well thats it for the evening, happy shopping!

XOXO Jennifer

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