Monday, March 14, 2011

Some J.Crew Reviews

Hey everyone, so I went home to visit my family this weekend and went to J.Crew for some quality mother-daughter shopping time :-) Thats one thing I've really missed since I moved away for school, but luckily, we can still do it occasionally when I come to town. Picked up some more things for my upcoming birthday :-)

They also asked me at this store if I had tried one of their personal shoppers. I took this time to vent about my recent experience with a personal shopper at the store I go to here in NY (I won't give the exact location). You can find my vent about this experience here, but all in all, I was not happy with the experience, so I shared this with them. They agreed with me that this was not how it normally is, and offered to have me try one at their store at some point. They made it sound like at that store, they do it just as I was expecting from my local store here. So I will probably try it at some point. I want a personal shopper that knows me, and knows my style, and puts things aside she thinks I'll like. Thats what I have heard of other bloggers personal shoppers and thats what I want. So I'm hoping my experience will be better next time!

Now on to my J.Crew trip:

Tulip Ruffle Cami (6) - I thought this was pretty cute. It was very comfortable, but I didn't LOVE it. I did really like the color though. I might save this one for a sale or rewards card :-)

Raglan babydoll tee (S) - I absolutely loved this top. I don't really have any complaints about it. Its a pretty thin fabric, so I'm hoping it holds up well, but on the plus side of that, it should be nice and airy for spring/summer. I loved the button detail on the shoulder (bottom picture). 

Eyelet Embroidered tank (S) and Day-tripper pant (6) - The tank I was not crazy about. I thought it was cute, but just didn't really do anything for me. Sorry the eyelet pattern on the front got washed out in the first picture but you can see it better in the second. It does have a cute keyhole back with a ribbon tie. I liked this detail, but the rest of it just didn't really do it for me. The pants, I loved. They are SO comfortable. The material is pretty thin, so once again, good for spring/summer. They were a tad long for me (I'm 5'3"), but I've seen these styled rolled up a lot, so I figured that would work out just fine. I tried them in both the cobblestone and vintage fatigue. I really liked both colors, but decided on the cobblestone, I figured they might be easier to wear, although both really were great colors.

Liberty Vintge Floral Mini (8) - The liberty print seems to be huge this year, so I decided to give this skirt a try and I found it to be really cute! I think it will be perfect for spring/summer. I sized up from my normal skirt size. I like to do this sometimes in the skirts so that I can were them a little lower on the hips if I can. I thought the length on this skirt was good. Not too short. I also really love random little details like the bright green zipper in the back. Thought that was a cute added touch. 

Maritime V-neck Dress (S) - Love. Another casual summer dress to add to my collection. It has pockets on the side. The fabric is cottony and is actually pretty thick/substantial. I can't wait to wear this one as soon as the warm weather comes. This one also has a cute little button detail on the shoulder that I loved. I would say this dress fit TTS, I usually take a small in their dresses. I also got a hawthorn green jackie cardigan to go with this dress. One of the sales associates pointed out this combination to me as I was checking out, and I loved the color combination. The jackie was also on sale so that was another plus! I want to say it was $39.95 or something like that.

Jenny Dress (4) - So this one they only had in a 4 in this color. I usually take a 6 in their dresses, so this one was a little too small. There was some pulling on the top. I would say it fits TTS. I thought it was cute, but I have two dresses in other colors that are a very similar style, so I decided that I didn't need another dress like this one. It was cute but nothing special to me. As many others have mentioned, its definitely quite steep at $78... wishlisted for a sale hopefully, or a rewards card

Heres the polyvore of what I wore shopping:

Also, Fabulous Florida Mommy is having a GREAT giveaway on her blog to! Don't forget to visit her blog and enter here! Shopbop is an awesome site, and she's giving away $100 to use there. I know there are plenty of things I would love to get!

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer

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  1. I still can't believe the Jenny dress is $78. Even $69 would be better psychologically, even though it's still too high. We have 10% tax and I always try to remember that when shopping.

    I don't like the bright zipper on the back because I think it dates an otherwise classic skirt & pattern. The print is pretty. I love the day tripper pants on you. And the dragonfly blue tulip, even though you didn't care for it. It's very pretty on you.