Friday, March 4, 2011

Birthday List

So my birthday is coming up at the end of the month, so I put my birthday list together of some of the new things that J.Crew has right now. As usually there's lots that I want, go figure :-) A lot of these things are items I am planning on bringing with me on my trip in May (depending on what I get or course).

Islet paisley ruched bandeau top - This one I actually already know I'm going to get. They didn't have my size in the top online, so I used by VIP number to call and have them search for it and I was SO pleased to see that they found it for me! :-) This is the first time I've used this number, and I must say it worked out great and I definitely won't hesitate to use it in the future!

Delaney eyelet dress - I ordered another white dress in a previous order, but it just did nothing for me. I like the shape of this one better, and I want a nice white summery dress. See it here on shoppingwithm and on ema here.

Dorrie Skirt - So I fell in love with this one after seeing it here on shoppingwithm. Its a color that I don't have, and I'm looking forward to this bright color and being able to pair it with some navys, which I also don't have much of currently.

Stripe Mandarin tee - this is another one I saw here on shoppingwithm (what can I say, her style fits mine almost to a T at times)

Vivette Dress - I thought this dress looked cute, and I like this color.

Boathouse shirtdress - nice casual cozy looking summer dress, seen here on shoppingwithm and here on ema in sailor blue.

Katie eyelet cami - I like this one in both mauve morning and curry. Let this one up for mom to decide :-)

Clip elastic belt - After seeing this one, I figured it would go good with the black dress I got from madewell here.

Floral croquet dress - I really loved this after seeing it on summerilla here.

Yea I know... It's quite a long list. But it usually is, and I never expect all of the things I ask for. I usually just put together a wishlist, and let my mom pick from that. The things I'm really hoping for are the Dorrie skirt, boathouse dress, Delaney dress, and the floral croquet dress. I would say those are at the top of my wish list. 

The more time goes by, the more excited I get to go on vacation. I keep reading reviews on things trying to figure out where to eat and what to do while we are there. There's so many decisions to be made and I am such a planner. I like planning everything down to the very last detail. When we went to disney two years ago, I had a daily list of the rides I wanted to go on/shows I wanted to see, in the order I wanted to do them. Its horrible, I know, but Its apparently something I'm not going to grow out of anytime soon. I don't plan to be quite THAT anal with this vacation. I do however need to at least figure out where we want to go to dinner each night as most of the reviews I have read said that you should make reservations in advance. The nice thing, is that it can all be done online through the website, so that make life easier. 

Thats all for now...

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer

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