Monday, August 8, 2011

J.Crew Reviews

Hey everyone,

So I went to my local crew today with two very specific goals in mind: 1) to return most of the little silver j.crew jewelry boxes I had lying around in my closet (Thanks gigi! GREAT idea!) and 2) to see if my store had the new cafe capri in wool in the dahlia color. The first task was a success. The second not so much. I was very disappointed to find that there were no cafe capris in the dahlia color at all. My store only had them in camel and black. So I decided to try the camel on for size purposes. Unfortunately they don't have these pants in the petite sizes at the store, so I tried on a 6, and while it wasn't terrible, I think the 8P would be a better fit for me. So I ended up ordering them online. They are backordered until october unfortunately... and looking on the site now, they are no longer available in that size, so we will see what happens!

First I tried it with the Perfect shirt in leopard. I loved this shirt. Its definitely a little out of my comfort zone, but I am really loving all the animal prints for this fall, and this shirt is no exception. I tried a 6 and it fit TTS. I loved the fabric of this shirt, it felt very nice. The leopard pattern on this shirt is beautiful. If you're considering it a all, I would say go for it!

Elodie Sleeveless blouse - I thought this top was lovely, and it comes in that amazing dahlia color thats everywhere on j.crew this fall. I love this color. I thought it fit very nicely. Nice silky feeling fabric. This is a 6. I didn't try on the 4 for comparison, but I thought the 6 fit nicely. If you want a little more form fitting then I would recommend sizing down one. 

Boy shirt in Quincy tartan - I am not generally a huge plaid person, but after getting the madras popover this spring I must say that I am now a fan. This shirt did not disappoint. I love the colors in this shirt. I think blue, green, and dahlia have become my new color palate for fall. This is a size 6, which is my usual size. 

Silk Blythe Blouse in extravagant green - I had tried this shirt in the poppy color last weekend, and wasn't all that impressed with it. I liked this color much better. Another very silky shirt, fits TTS, this is my usual size 6.

Tippi sweater in bright dahlia - This is a great little sweater. It is fairly thin, but I think that is a plus sometimes because it makes it easier to layer with and not get really warm. Again, I love this color. I took a medium in this one, which is typical of the more fitted sweaters/shirts at j.crew.

Stripe-Breaker sweater - This sweater is pretty thick, but has a very nice feel to it. My stripe obsession continues into the fall :-) I thought this sweater ran maybe a tad large. I took a small in this, and in most sweaters I take a medium. Even in the small though, the sleeves seemed pretty long. 

Jardin skirt - Oh this skirt... I felt as though this was a disaster on me. I really liked the color, but I didnt really love the length or the fullness on me. I think on my petite frame it just swallowed me up a little bit. I just don't think it was my style at all, and I wouldnt feel comfortable wearing something like this. 

Perfect fit flower tank -  This was cute, although I thought it ran perhaps a little small. I tried a medium, and it felt a little snug to me. This shirt really seemed like nothing special to me, although it could be a good layering piece.

Waverly chino - I thought these were pretty cute. They are basically a straight leg fit. I don't think I would get them in this color, but it comes in many other neutral colors that I would consider. I would probably prefer them in just a classic khaki color, which j.crew is referring to as "dark oak" on the website. (sometimes I just don't get these names)

Marching mini - I just picked this skirt up for the fun of it, and I absolutely hated it. First off, it runs small. This is a 6, which is my usual j.crew size in skirts, and it was much too small. I didn't even bother trying the 8 because I didn't care for the shape, or really anything else about the skirt. Looking at how its styled on the website, it looks like its even pulling and too small on the model. Not a good look imo.

And heres my OOTD for shopping. My sequin stripe tee, and 5" chino shorts in ceylon tea with the two-tone flip flops in the grey color. 

As I mentioned above, I am loving all things blue, viridian green, bright dahlia, and animal print for this fall. What are your favorites?

Also, I had every intention of going into Anthropologie today to try some stuff on as well. Our store just opened a few months ago, and I had been in once before but didn't try anything on. Well, I again tried nothing on. I honestly walked into the store, and felt a little overwhelmed. My first thought, no joke, was "I need my mommy" lol. She's always been my best shopping buddy, and I felt that venturing into this new store I needed some moral support. Its pretty lame I know. Maybe at some point I'll work up the courage to go in there and actually try stuff on by myself. I think it didn't help that I was feeling a little tired after trying everything on at j.crew and didn't really feel like trying much else on anyways.

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer 


  1. Great reviews. The Jardin skirt was sadly not for me, either.

  2. Thanks for the nice reviews!
    I love the Jardin skirt, but it didn't work for me too :-( the same way the animal print shirt, so cute but not for me.
    Lovely OOTD!

  3. I feel exactly the same way in Anthropology! Love the stripe break sweater!

    -Erin (dfwmom)

  4. Great reviews. That jardin skirt was horrid on me as well. I love the color though.

  5. Anthropologie is so relaxing. I always have a nice time in the store. You'll get used to it. Definitely activates adult ADD, as someone once accurately put it. Great pics. The colors in the Quincy and the silk Blythe look good on you :)