Friday, August 5, 2011

New Fall Coat

So after seeing this polyvore set here by shoppingwithm, I decided I need a fun red/orange colored coat for the fall/winter. I absolutely love fall colors, and I'm surprised I don't already have something like this! Here are the two coats that I am considering, but I need some help deciding!

Colletta - russet - I already own this one in the dark plum, and I do like it. I like the orangy color of the russet, and I quite like the feminine details like the gathering at the waist and the cuffs on the sleeve.

Lady Day - dark poppy - I am really liking the bright red color of this coat and the shape seems very classic.

I actually found a review on reallypetite of both of these coats while I was searching on google. She too was trying to decide between the lady day and the colletta, but in the cobblestone color. 

I think I am leaning toward the classic look of the Lady Day coat, especially since I do already have a version of the Colletta. With either one of these I cannot wait to start pairing animal prints and other fall colors :-) What do you guys think??

XOXO Jennifer

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  1. Colletta. I like the Lady Day and I think you can get that another time as they have it yearly. My mom had the Lady Day and it's plain, straightforward. I like the details on the Colletta.