Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh j.crew...

Of course, J.Crew came out with their second new rollout for this fall. Why do they do this to me?? I have been drinking some serious crewlade lately, and didn't need another rollout of fabulous things! So bad for my nonexistent budget. For now, I'm just doing some window-shopping and wishlisting. Trying to resist the urge to make anymore fabulous purchases, although as usually, it will be very tough...

So, after browsing the new fall lineup, here are some of my favorites!

Featherknit shirred henley tee - so I am always down for a casual looking tee. This one appears to fit the bill. I love the shirring at the shoulders. I also really like the bright dahlia color.

Jester Sweater - This has such a classic j.crew vibe, I just love it! I feel as though its been a little while since j.crew has had such a nice classic argyle sweater, I'm glad to see this one!

Cowlneck poncho - This just looks like such a great item for fall. I could easily see this as a great layering piece to get a little extra warmth. Definitely on my list!

Vintage Tweed jacket - LOVE. I love the cropped look of this jacket, and the mustard color. I could easily see myself reproducing the way its styled on the site. I also really like the way the back has the little detail. This is DEFINITELY on my list to try out at some point this fall. 

Cafe trouser in wool - So I really love the cafe capris in wool, I can imagine that these are great as well. I do wish they offered them in more colors however. The color selections are somewhat blah, just your classic neutrals, not that theres anything wrong with that, but it would be nice to see some color. 

Hutton trouser in Italian wool - I love the look of these pants! On my petite frame I'm not so sure they would work, but I think they are so cute!

Gallerista skirt - Love this print, love the length of this skirt. Also on my list.

Teddie Dress - much controversy about the exposed back zipper. I do not love this, but I still love the shape, and for me, It would usually be covered by a white coat so the back wouldnt been seen anyways so I might still have to give it a try! I LOVE the shape of this dress and the decadent red color!

Gallerist dress - I could see myself wearing this exactly as pictured. I think its such a cute put together look. I don't love the look of the dress alone however. I think its something that would look better layered with a button down underneath. 

So what do you guys think? What are some of your favorites from this rollout? Also, I'm wondering what everyones thoughts are on the darby loafers? I think they look like something Princess Jasmine from Aladdin would wear, but thats just me. 

Have a great day!

XOXO Jennifer

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